An Extraordinary journey to health and happiness

My journey started in 1997 when my niece was diagnosed with cancer, and my life changed forever. Already on a path to vibrant health, I wanted to understand how it was possible for a baby to have cancer. I felt powerless; I wanted to help her...but how in the world was I going to do that? So I started reading in depth about health, taking endless courses and attending educational seminars. On my journey I've met a lot of amazing, knowledgeable people who inspired me to embrace a holistic approach to healing.

That is how we started - my niece Pia Ana the Princess Warrior, and me, on an extraordinary journey to health and happiness.


To inspire you, my friends, I created a simple approach to amazing health through life-food diet, eco-green living and sustainable lifestyle choices. Choosing a sustainable lifestyle is what we need to increase the well-being of the planet. It is living in balance with nature, the world, the environment and the whole universe. My commitment to you is that you will experience optimum well-being and abundant health.

To inspire you even more I developed 6 FRESH RAW VEGAN recipe e-books just for you:  Fresh Raw Vegan Salads, Fresh Raw Vegan Dips and Pates, Fresh Raw Vegan Soups, Fresh Raw Vegan Entrees, Fresh Raw Vegan Juices and Smoothies and Fresh Raw Vegan Desserts.

fresh cover soups
fresh cover dips and pates
fresh cover entrees
Fresh cover salads
fresh cover smoothies
fresh cover desserts

I adapt the recipes into something amazingly healthy, and at the same time flavourful and tasty.These delicious nutritious recipes are for everyone, whether you are new to raw foods, or you want to incorporate more live food into your daily diet,

I have also written 6 FRESH Recipe Journals: for Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Menopause, Candida, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Detox.

fresh cover candida s
fresh cover arthritis s

Whole foods provide nutritional benefits for every type of illness. Rather than count calories, the focus is on consuming food that:

  • contains live enzymes such as fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds
  • is unprocessed and unrefined, such as whole grains and legumes
  • is without the use of refined oils, sugar, or dairy.
  • is organically grown and pesticide free, without synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

These books provide tools, knowledge and techniques so that you can incorporate them in your everyday life. My mission is to inspire, with my passion for living life with nourishing life-filled beautiful food.

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